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Our goal is to amplify all of the voices taking part in positive action for a healthy environment and just society. Sharing these stories creates the human connections, proving our common ground and accelerating the necessary systemic shifts.

We are now accepting submissions for short films, videos, and photos that tell stories of environmental solutions and interactions. We look for stories focused on uniting people with opposing ideals, amplifying the voices of frontline communities, community led work, regenerative systems, and cross-sector partnerships. These stories can be centered around human impact, wildlife, technology, traditional knowledge, food systems, policy change, environmental justice, community action, regenerative economies, or anything in between.

It is important to us to share stories of diverse communities, told by members of that community. We encourage stories told through the literal lens of communities of all races, Indigenous tribes, and LGBTQ+.

You can submit through the form below or email us. If you chose to email, send a link to your video or attach a photo file, include your name, organization, social media handle, and brief written back story of the content. Your submission can be professional grade or a video shot with your cell phone. However you want to get your human story out there!


As creating CALLS to ACTION is our main mission, please include a specific task that viewers can do to take action in your subject matter.


Thank you for becoming a part of the community!

Submit YOUR Stories for Action!
See information above.

Thank you for submitting! If your story aligns with our mission, we will post it on our site and social media handles. We will let you know if and when we post it.

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