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Stories for Action offers full media production services. We create documentary films, short videos, promotional content, and photography that authentically portrays experience, inspires action, and promotes the work that contributes to a healthy planet and strong communities. Through our organization's members and others in our network, we offer services including cinematography (land, aerial, and underwater), directing, producing, and editing. We are also happy to partner with other production companies.

Does your organization or business have a story or program that you want to share with the world?

Contact us and our founder, Director & Cinematographer Lara Tomov, will help you tell your story through video or photography. We will also provide  consultation  to help you shape the story of your work, so that you will be better equipped to approach a media professional to complete the work, or produce content yourself internally.


Life in the Land
Stories for Action is in production on a series of short documentary films & podcasts that share stories of community-led, collaborative work within Montana's landscapes.

Learn more about this series here.

We are in ongoing production of our podcast series, and this year working on short films with Montana Department of Natural Resources, Montana Women Vote, Headwaters Foundation, and others.

 Documentary Cinematography Reel for Lara Tomov
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