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The Mission

To advance a thriving planet for all by sparking connections through the power of storytelling.

Stories have been used for thousands of years to share ideas, promote change, and bridge divides. Stories for Action provides a space to share the stories that do just that, and in doing so, works to inspire and accelerate the systemic shifts necessary for a thriving planet and strong communities. We document and curate stories of planetary solutions that unite divided groups, amplify the voices of impacted communities, create clear calls to action, and strengthen the relationships between humans and our natural world.

Have us help you bring your story to the public eye with our production services or story workshops and consulting.

Find a story that inspires you to take action in your community or line of work. Share it with your network, workplace, classroom, or elected officials. Submit your own story for us to share and create a call to action for others.

How We Work


Does your organization or business have a program that you want to share with the world? Allow us to tell your story through video or photography.

We offer cinematography,

aerial drone, photography, & editing produce a full product or for a "one off" shoot.

Check out our podcast series and Life in the Land project currently in production.

Produce Original Content
Africa Zimbabwe Market

SFA creates a collective space to share the stories that build inspiration and create impact. By sharing these stories across social & professional circles, we can accelerate the systemic shifts necessary for thriving communities and their environments.

We especially appreciate content that is produced by members of the featured community.

Curate Content
Workshops &

Workshops: Learn to effectively share stories that create a call to action through entry level video, photo, or audio production.
OR let's facilitate a gathering to guide your community or organization to better articulate their story verbally. This is key for internal mission focus and for approaching potential funders of your work. Workshops can be held in schools, communities, and workplaces.
We will partner with local community members to customize this workshop for your group.

Consulting: We can give you guidance on how to shape the story of your own work, so you are better equipped to approach a media professional OR if you want technical & creative tips
on how to DIY within your own organization.

Workshops & consulting can be done virtually or in person. Discounts are offered for
non-profit organizations.


Work by Stories for Action is completed by Director Lara Tomov and partnering contractors.
View Lara's Camera Portfolio here.

how we work

The Motivation

Regenerative means to renew or restore better than it was before; beyond sustainable. We believe regeneration can be applied to all systems; social, ecological, economic, food, energy. To achieve this, a paradigm shift is needed. As long as protecting our environment and standing up for a just society is a divisive issue, this shift will not occur. By sharing our stories, we can find our common ground and see the success in uniting our efforts. We can humanize our challenges and move past prejudice and polarization. We can create a tangible connection to the existential crisis of environmental degradation, and prove that it is not a distant threat. The environment is not just wild, pristine landscapes. It is our air, drinking water, food, communities, and our family's safety.


Communities & businesses around the world are seeing the clear connection between a healthy environment & healthy societies. It's time to shift the mainstream narrative; the push for a thriving environment is also a push for public health, resilient economies, social & racial justice, jobs...not protecting one at the cost of the other. We envision a world where human systems and natural systems thrive...together.

Promising work on this front comes to light every day; both from new approaches and traditional knowledge. It is important that these stories are shared with the public, policymakers, and between industries to inform, forge connections, and accelerate action.

As the original storytellers and stewards of the land, Stories for Action honors the importance in amplifying the voices and leadership of Indigenous Peoples. We work to curate content from a diversity of communities, and stress the importance of amplifying stories told by storytellers from those communities.

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