Life in the Land

Montana Stories of Collaboration & Community

a documentary film series from Stories for Action & other partners


Experience stories from across Montana that provide global inspiration for healthy relationships between people and the land, through collaboration and leadership from local communities.

Life in the Land is a documentary film series that shares stories of those who interact with the complexities of Montana’s land, waters, and communities, looking at the success and value in collaborative & locally-led initiatives. Hear unique perspectives from ranchers, scientists, local leaders, and more from within Montana’s rural and tribal communities. Witness how they are working together to promote resilient communities and landscapes for all life to thrive.

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Life in the Land is being produced in partnership between Lara Tomov [Stories for Action], and the following consulting partners:

Western Sustainability Exchange

BioRegions International

Iron Shield Creative

Montana Watershed Coordination Council

Montana Forest Collaboration Network

Heart of the Rockies Initiative

The Common Ground Project

Lauren Monroe Jr., Blackfeet Tribal Council

Bill Long, formerly with the Montana Land Reliance

Cole Mannix, strategist for elements of agriculture and conservation policy

Chris Boyer, Kestrel Aerial

Kelly Beevers, Topos & Anthros

Additional individuals from the agriculture, tribal, and conservation communities

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